Claire Milah Libin 
Artist Statement & Biography 
March 2022

Circle’s spheres, stars, whales, spirals, the sky, the ocean and color are my current muses. Their inherent beauty, mystery, and references inspire me. In this new series with oil on linen paintings, I hope to mirror the joy, secrecy, and magic with the interplay of the forms. How they communicate, move and relate to each other with certain colors creates a dynamic that I find intriguing.

Before making my recent spere paintings I painted flowers for many years. There inherent temporary beauty, elegance, grace is pure inspiration.

The reverse on glass indigo paintings render the luminosity that reflects the otherworldliness of flowers.
In order to create her reverse oil paintings on glass I make each painting beginning from the foreground and continuing to the background, essentially working backwards. The paintings are viewed from the front of the glass. 

I was lucky to grow up in Manhattan, New York. I wandered the city and visited the great museums, galleries and wonderful cinemas. I also spent time on the East End of Long Island in Springs near beautiful Gardiners Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
In my 20’s and 30's I lived in Chelsea, NYC and later a loft in hot-yet-hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
In the late 1990’s I moved to Taos to explore the magnificent high desert and make a change.
I lived in Taos for 17 years, then in 2015 moved to Tesuque where I currently live and work.
The light, the sky, the colors and darkness, from the ocean to the high mountain desert never cease to inspire me.

Born NYC 
B.F.A. School of Visual Arts, New York City,
Recipient of the Roy Lichtenstein Scholarship 
Hampshire College, Massachusetts.