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The East Hampton Star June 6,
Ille Arts
Claire Libin’s “Five Daffodils”/Alicia Rothman’s “Blue Horse”
By Jennifer Landes
June 6, 2019
" Sara De Luca has brought together three artists who tend to work in smaller formats.
Whether by luck or design, the three artists she has chosen typically work in distinct genres, whether exploring the figure, landscape, or still life or botanical-related themes.
Greeting viewers on the right in the gallery are Claire Libin’s reverse paintings on glass. The old-style medium produces a luminous and romantic finish suitable for a floral subject. Apparently understanding that such a pairing could be cloying and old-fashioned, the artist goes for a spare and simple monochromatic style of presentation that keeps them looking up to date and not too too pretty. The glass paintings are accompanied by her watercolors and ink on paper with similar subject matter.
Over all, it’s a strong show made up of solid divergent parts to make a coherent whole. Each piece on view has a direct flatness and superficiality that belies the layers of its depth. The exhibition will remain on view through June 17."
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The East Hampton Star
Opinion: 'In Bloom' May 10, 2001

Robert Long | May 10, 2001
"In Bloom," at the Lizan Tops Gallery in East Hampton, "A pleasant, good-looking exhibit with a few nice surprises. The theme is - you guessed it - flowers.
Claire Libin's eight oils on wood and James Guppy's acrylics on linen are among the more outre works. Ms. Libin blurs her highly realistic close-ups of bright flowers in bloom by dragging the paint slowly and evenly across the surface of the wood, so the whole scene seems to be shifting gently; it looks as if each layer of oil had been allowed to dry after being dragged, so the image remains uniformly unfocused.
The pictures are so bright and so carefully made that they have the look of manipulated Cibachrome prints rather than paintings, an impression reinforced by their identical 16-by-16-inch formats."